What we offer

Our classes are run by highly qualified and dedicated instructors. They start promptly, so please arrive on time with a water bottle, wearing appropriate training gear.

Although we will ask you to go outside your comfort zone on a regular basis, we will never push you to do something outside of your capabilities


Nutrition coaching

Cut out the confusion, break away from trends and diet culture, and finally understand how best to improve your health long term. Far more than a set of rules or list of foods, Nutrition coaching seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms and address these through diet and lifestyle changes that are always tailored to suit your individual needs. We work with individuals to find out what is causing issues such as low energy, poor performance, digestive discomfort including bloating, constipation or acid reflux, difficulty loosing or maintaining weight, skin problems, and painful periods, as well as tackling feelings of food related anxiety or stress.

Monthly Memberships

End the frustration of yo-yo dieting or feeling stuck in viscous cycles when it comes to your health, motivation, and energy. Personalised nutrition combined with coaching provides you with the tools and support to succeed in gaining a better understanding of your body and taking back control of your health. In following a plan, and developing healthy habits that get you to your wellness goals. Benefit from regular accountability, check ins to track progress and celebrate wins, to share ideas on overcoming challenges and barriers, and in knowing you can always access a professional with any nutrition related questions as and when needed. This allows you to gradually implement realistic, but significant, steps which add up to big positive changes, all while being able to enjoy your daily life and the foods that fuel you.

Sports Performance & Nutrition Coaching

From gaining strength and muscle mass, loosing body fat, increasing speed and endurance, the right nutrition plan is vital in pursuing any performance goal and gaining a competitive edge. As well as learning how to eat in a way that makes you feel your best, sports nutrition coaching provides you with the tools needed to understand; how best to fuel your body around training, events, or competitions, how to adapt your nutrition to suit physical demands, and to recover effectively. It allows you to dive beyond what giant supplement companies are telling you, and work with a professional in finding out what diet and supplement protocol will allow you to optimise performance while working for your lifestyle. Coaching provides not only the accountability to stick to your plan but also guidance for navigating various challenges, and adapting it as needed with a positive mindset and sustainable approach.

All monthly plans come with unlimited check ins and message support between sessions